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Top Performance Digital Marketing Services SEO and Digital Strategy for Small and Medium Businesses

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Small Businesses

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Galy Miller Co funder and strategy planner at Pangolins Digital Marketing

Galy Miller

I love helping small businesses get on track and play like the big companies. My goal is to help them acquire more clients, so they can provide great products or services with a positive reputation and enjoy the financial benefits that come along as a result.

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Olga Stolov, CEO

Pangolins understood the market competition and built the most efficient plan for how we should go online. It works!

Jeff Shweid, CEO

I was amazed how they are so devoted, I feel like they are part of my business. A pleasure to work with.

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Gaetonno Moccia, Owner

Thanks to Pangolins, my  business is in a better position today

Unique Digital solutions

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Content Marketing

Using positive SEO and  the right metrics with Google Analytics and other winning metrics that we create in order to bring your website to better position and get higher scores. Both creative and smart content writing, professional methods that attract and raise traffic to your website. 


Pay Per Click & Targeted Advertising

When you plan online advertising, you also have to build a pay-per-click strategy.

By improving organic search results and paid ads, you can drive traffic to your website so that you pay when only someone clicks your ad.


Web Design

We design responsive, engaging websites using reliable and affordable EMS platforms for small businesses.

We make user friendly and responsive websites, created with quality content that minimizes the bounce rate.

We work so that your company will stand out.


Email Marketing

We operate fixed and structured communication with your customers through email. By creating Email advertising services, we reach your customers and build their loyalty and increase AOV and purchases.


Social Media


Managing business’ social media channels is key to success in the marketplace. More than ever, people turn to social media and make their opinions and decisions according to what they find there. Every platform has a different approach and audience, and it's crucial to managing the proper social channel with 

most efficient methods.


Mobile Marketing

Draw new target audiences for iOS and Android users. We also increase your app installs and improve your in-app conversion rate.

Tailored Service - Most Efficient For Small Business

Companies We Worked For

Our goal is to deliver flawlessly creative results to our clients — from ideation to execution. Being familiar with different industries and markets is why we can provide customized solutions.
Get a glimpse at some of the companies we’ve had the privilege to work for.

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As professional marketers for over the last 15 years, we've been dedicated to understanding every company we worked for, so we can get their branding and marketing strategies to the next level. 

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